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We are the agency that builds software that scales. Fostering a culture of innovation and client-first relationships, we are the team you can trust to deliver.

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What is NearLunar?

At NearLunar, we believe in the power of collaboration and transparent communication as the key to unlocking the full potential of software development. By closely aligning with our clients, our team of seasoned professionals translates business needs into innovative, functional, and reliable software.

Our mission is to go beyond the ordinary and provide "out-of-this-world" solutions to complex business challenges.

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By forming a partnership with NearLunar, businesses unlock the door to innovative, custom software solutions meticulously tailored to address unique operational challenges, paving the way for enhanced market competitiveness.

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Rooted in an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, NearLunar guarantees not only the timely delivery of projects that exceed expectations but also the cultivation of lasting, fruitful relationships that propel businesses forward in a digitally-driven landscape.

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Through a deeply collaborative and transparent approach, NearLunar seamlessly translates your business objectives into functional and reliable software, setting a robust foundation for increased productivity and meaningful customer engagements.

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Can't make up your mind?
Make it Simple with My Dev Team

Chasing down the pe­rfect path for software deve­lopment can be a maze. ‘My De­v Team’ from NearLunar makes the­ choice easy. It's custom-designe­d to polish your decision-making process. ‘My De­v Team’ combines the spark of top-notch talent, the­ wits of quick change, and personalised solutions. It syncs flawle­ssly with your specific business nee­ds. Be it growing a startup, or streamlining a settle­d enterprise, our committe­d squad is ready for your individual hurdles. Enjoy the e­ase of a dependable­, adaptable, and proficient team, making your proje­ct thrive minus the convolution and extra costs of old-school hiring. Opt for ‘My De­v Team’ and turn your software deve­lopment pursuit into a plain-sailing, fruitful, and pleasing journey.

Stellar Services

We specialise in a wide range of software development services, including custom software development, mobile app development, web application development, and software consultancy. Our solutions are meticulously designed to address unique business requirements, ensuring scalability and robustness.

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    Website Design & Development

    Elevate your online presence with NearLunar's Website Design & Development service—where cutting-edge aesthetics meet seamless functionality. Partner with us to craft bespoke digital experiences that captivate your audience and drive your business forward.

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    MVP Development

    Transform your vision into reality with NearLunar's MVP Development service, where we turn big ideas into market-ready products with precision and speed. Trust us to build a strong foundation for your success, ensuring your MVP not only enters the market but stands out from the competition.

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    Custom Web & App Development

    Unleash the full potential of tailored software with NearLunar's Custom Web & App Development, ensuring your solution is as unique as your business. We're your allies in innovation, meticulously engineering applications that deliver exceptional user experiences and operational excellence.

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Work With NearLunar

Engaging with NearLunar streamlines the pathway to robust software solutions, thanks to a team of seasoned professionals who prioritize transparent communication and close collaboration with clients. Our agility and flexibility in approach, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensures a seamless experience for clients, translating their business needs into innovative, functional, and reliable software tailored to address unique challenges effectively.

Our Cosmic Creations

Each project showcases our commitment to pushing boundaries, solving intricate problems, and crafting software that transcends expectations. Our cosmic creations are a testament to the synergy between our seasoned professionals and visionary clients.

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NearLunar Website

This company website was designed and developed by NearLunar. It is a Next.js website hosted on Vercel. It is a static website that is fast, cutting-edge, and responsive.

Portfolio Image for Chai


Chai is a Cognitive Behavioural Mobiles App that helps people with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Portfolio Image for NearServices


This Project is a Template for our Services Page. It is a Highly Configurable Template that can be used for our Service Pages, and is so good that it doesn't cost anything to host it.

Portfolio Image for Growful


Growful is a Mobile App that helps people with food tracking and dieting, but with a twist. It uses a unique system that helps people track their food intake and dieting habits.

Portfolio Image for Beautquets


Beautquets is a E-Commerce site that sells custom made flower arrangements.

Portfolio Image for InkMine


InkMine is a Social Media esque app for a popular video game, that allows user to share their layouts and build teams with the world.

This is what you'll be saying!

This is what our clients have to say about us. We're proud of the work we do and the relationships we build with our clients. We strive to make every project a success, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are happy.

NearLunar has been a fantastic technology partner to us since early 2023. Our partnership has contributed immensely to our clients' success. Since 2018, we have partnered with NearLunar to increase our clients' software development velocity and are proud of the work we have done together with NearLunar to expand our clients to new markets.

Vitor Oliveira 🇨🇦Talent Success Manager of

NearLunar has been absolutely incredible to work with. I’ve interacted with dozens and dozens of developers over the years and have yet to meet one like Thomas. He’s highly talented, delivers quality work, and has a rare ability to communicate his work no matter your level of experience.

Nathan Bird 🇺🇸Founder of Collide Digital

It was a pleasure to work with NearLunar on custom software and web application development. They not only met, but also exceeded our expectations, demonstrating an unrivalled dedication to client satisfaction. Their open communication and agility throughout the project were outstanding, distinguishing them as a standout choice in the software development arena. I wholeheartedly recommend NearLunar to anyone looking for innovative, functional, and dependable software solutions.

Private Name 🇺🇸CEO of Codeti Studio
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